2020-2021 Gubernatorial Election Predictions, 1-19-2020

As with the Senate predictions article, the following updates are incredibly late. So late, in fact, that next week begins the writing sessions for the next The Grand Map updates. Basically, this month has been just getting out of the holiday slump and feast and back into a state of work to start the year strong. The following weeks have presented a multitude of important updates that will be shifting some of the political races in dramatic directions. With that established, let’s talk about the last few weeks’ highlights: Vermont David Zuckerman’s recent gubernatorial bid places pressure on Phil Scott, … Continue reading 2020-2021 Gubernatorial Election Predictions, 1-19-2020

The Grand Map, Governors, 1-12-2019

Last December was an interesting note to leave the year on, with a greater sense of positivity and jubilance than what preceded the 2018 year. While this is a politics-related blog, I’m willing to state that most people were actually frustrated over the Patriots being in and winning another Super Bowl. It also doesn’t help that the Saints were cheated over their rightful place in the game over what was a “questionable call”, to paint a lapse in judgment by the referees in less provocative terms. Anyways, with content feelings and economic security also comes political safety and the greater … Continue reading The Grand Map, Governors, 1-12-2019

Third Party Politics, 12-30-2019

The first of the end of the year articles to wrap up what has seemed like an uplifting year compared to 2018, there are two major stories coming out of the realm of third party politics. The first major story originates from the Tar Heel State, which had the filing deadline for candidates pass on the 20th. Specifically referring to the Governor’s race, there is a Libertarian and Constitution Party candidate joining the two Republicans and Democrats vying for the position. To summarize the two primaries, starting with the Democratic primary, it is a formality, although in practice more like … Continue reading Third Party Politics, 12-30-2019

2020-2022 Senatorial and Gubernatorial Election Predictions, 12-23-2019 to 12-30-2019

This week, being the week before New Years’, will be brief in news and exposition. Firstly, thank you to anyone who has been keeping up with this blog for any period of time. The general topic of politics can be bland, much more so whenever the specificities of a political race or season is discussed. Either way, let’s finish the year with this week’s highlights: Alabama Absent from one approval poll showing Doug Jones as the most vulnerable Senator up for re-election in 2020, which had a narrow majority of voters wishing to vote against him, the main source of … Continue reading 2020-2022 Senatorial and Gubernatorial Election Predictions, 12-23-2019 to 12-30-2019

2020-2021 Gubernatorial Election Predictions, 12-16-2019 to 12-22-2019

This week’s gubernatorial news can be described as a conflict between upstart challengers and the presumed heirs to a certain political position. While always a theatrical display to behold, the inevitable truth is that someone walks away disappointed with nothing. Specifically talking about primaries, there’s the question in voters’ minds over do they want someone old or new. With that background established, let’s talk about this week’s highlights: Virginia Justin Fairfax is currently mulling a gubernatorial run in 2021 after Ralph Northam is term-limited, putting him into a potentially vicious primary with fellow Democrat, and VA Attorney General, Ed Herring. … Continue reading 2020-2021 Gubernatorial Election Predictions, 12-16-2019 to 12-22-2019

Louisiana in 2023

When I was referring to the just past Louisiana governor’s race, I was mentioning a scenario, considering it happened again. To summarize what happened at the very end of the cycle, Eddie Rispone and Ralph Abraham were both running similar campaigns in strength, albeit with Rispone’s personal wealth giving him an edge. In order to get a desperate jump over Abraham, Rispone went negative against his fellow Republican. In the end, he won second place at the expense of a scorched earth campaign against Abraham’s supporters. Those supporters then voted for Edwards in a rebuttal to the negativity, giving him … Continue reading Louisiana in 2023

The Grand Map, Governor, 12-15-2019

Republican optimism is high for retaking some of the governorships ahead of 2020, considering that the states that are up are on friendly territory and that the leadership of the Democratic Governors Association is unpopular in those states. While Phil Murphy is cushioned from claims of being too moderate or corporatist of a Democrat, his staunch progressivism comes at the cost of widespread appeal. While the general demographic of New Jersey needed to win are rank-and-file Democrats, the 2020 races feature politically more conservative voters who are looking for quality candidates instead of ideologically pure ones. With those two important … Continue reading The Grand Map, Governor, 12-15-2019