Third Party Politics, 1-17-2019

The first Libertarian contest for the presidential nomination passed on January 11th, where Vermin Supreme won an incredibly small plurality of voters in a contest that drew about 140 voters. By “incredibly small plurality”, Supreme collected about 26 votes which amounts to slightly over 19% of the NH voting body. Kim Ruff, who has since withdrawn, had the second place total with 22 votes or 15.71% of state’s votes. Jo Jorgensen rounds out the bronze medal with 17 votes, tied with the “None of the Above” category. Dan Behrman was the only other candidate who had more than 10 votes … Continue reading Third Party Politics, 1-17-2019

Third Party Politics, 12-30-2019

The first of the end of the year articles to wrap up what has seemed like an uplifting year compared to 2018, there are two major stories coming out of the realm of third party politics. The first major story originates from the Tar Heel State, which had the filing deadline for candidates pass on the 20th. Specifically referring to the Governor’s race, there is a Libertarian and Constitution Party candidate joining the two Republicans and Democrats vying for the position. To summarize the two primaries, starting with the Democratic primary, it is a formality, although in practice more like … Continue reading Third Party Politics, 12-30-2019

Third Party Politics, 12-9-2019 to 12-15-2019

According to Ballot Access News, the presidential candidates for the Libertarian, Green, and Constitution Party have been decided in North Carolina and California. Whereas the first Third Party Politics article this week covers New Hampshire, the primaries in North Carolina and California offer a plethora of candidates for the Libertarian electorate to choose from. In addition, the field for the Greens and Constitution candidates is also exaggerated from the limited options available in New Hampshire and North Carolina. Starting with the Libertarians, there were two notable absences from the California presidential primaries, Arvin Vohra and John McAfee. McAfee isn’t a … Continue reading Third Party Politics, 12-9-2019 to 12-15-2019

Third Party Politics, 12-8-2019, #2

While the national Libertarian Party has had the tendency to self-destruct while even under optimal electoral conditions, the same despair cannot be uttered about the individual state parties. On the local level, the intra-personal communication that local municipalities have enable lower-tier Libertarian candidates to steer credible paths for victory. There are two notable stories from a past and future race that could show the viability of a serious, organized Libertarian Party. Starting with the Arkansas Senate race in 2020 where Tom Cotton will not face a Democratic challenger, Libertarian, Ricky Harrington, Jr., will have the opportunity to run as the … Continue reading Third Party Politics, 12-8-2019, #2

2020 Senatorial Election Predictions, 11-11-2019 to 11-17-2019

The Senate elections in the Southern United States have shifted directions from across the Mississippi River, with the Magnolia and Natural State going opposite directions. Meanwhile, there is a juxtaposition of news coming out of Georgia and the Kansas Senate race has another Republican entry. Overall, this week is more representative of the battleground races than previous weeks with a plethora of news to go through. With that background established, let’s talk about this week’s highlights: 1.) Arkansas Starting with the Natural State, the state deadlines for becoming a candidate have passed with the Democrats losing their only candidate to … Continue reading 2020 Senatorial Election Predictions, 11-11-2019 to 11-17-2019

Third Party Politics, 11-3-2019, #1

In a presumably crowded Libertarian presidential primary, there is an equally opposite lack of polling available to gauge excitement for candidates. Hence why this week was somewhat special in the fact that a new poll was released showing an updated list of candidates seeking the nomination. To put the findings into context, some of the results are run-of-the-mill for the Libertarian Party while others are cringe-worthy. Dealing with the October polling, Dan Behrman leads the field with 34% of the vote while Adam Kokesh holds 8% of the vote. This is a dramatic decline in Kokesh’s standing from the last … Continue reading Third Party Politics, 11-3-2019, #1

Third Party Politics, 9-5-2019 to 9-11-2019

A recent article by Spectator USA laid out specific information relevant to the Libertarian Presidential Primaries in 2020 that was otherwise unclear. Up until now, the list of candidates was unclear to me, making commentary on the subject difficult at best. While the Libertarian providing information for the Spectator USA article was still unclear about how many more candidates would join the race, there is solid information to go off of. The first major component of the update involves the leading five Libertarian candidates being invited to a debate hosted by the South Carolina Libertarian Party. South Carolina is the … Continue reading Third Party Politics, 9-5-2019 to 9-11-2019