Third Party Politics, 9-5-2019 to 9-11-2019

A recent article by Spectator USA laid out specific information relevant to the Libertarian Presidential Primaries in 2020 that was otherwise unclear. Up until now, the list of candidates was unclear to me, making commentary on the subject difficult at best. While the Libertarian providing information for the Spectator USA article was still unclear about how many more candidates would join the race, there is solid information to go off of. The first major component of the update involves the leading five Libertarian candidates being invited to a debate hosted by the South Carolina Libertarian Party. South Carolina is the … Continue reading Third Party Politics, 9-5-2019 to 9-11-2019

Third Party Politics, 8-28-2019

With the billboards and glamour currently concentrating on the Democratic primary, updates on the Libertarians and Greens are difficult to come upon. Determining rather the information is reliable is another factor, which compounds the problem of third party coverage. The final component is a general disinterest in the third parties entirely, knowing that a third-party win in the United States is unlikely. Nevertheless, a few dissenting votes here and there can change the composition of the political ballgame dramatically. With a medley of news and speculation coming out in the recent days, let’s talk about the highlights: Starting with rumors … Continue reading Third Party Politics, 8-28-2019

2019-2020 Gubernatorial Election Predictions, 7-11-2019 to 7-17-2019

This week, just like the Senate updates, had the expected candidates who were thought to run for Governor announce their intentions. What also happened this week was Hurricane Barry, so take care and be safe in the middle of the storm if you are dealing with it in any way. Also, like the other updates, there is a hefty amount of fundraising details to get through. With that said, let’s get to this week’s highlights: 1. West Virginia Arguably the most speculative gubernatorial race in 2020 with the potential Joe Manchin run still hanging out there, recent fundraising totals have … Continue reading 2019-2020 Gubernatorial Election Predictions, 7-11-2019 to 7-17-2019

Third Party Politics, 7-10-2019

I’ve held off on covering on the Greens and Libertarians for a while, so I thought it’d be important to recap on what has developed from those primaries and parties. I will also be adding all other third party articles into this series as well. This will be purely to talk about the presidential level of politics for these third parties: notable stories regarding third party Senate and House candidates will go into those respective categories. With that established, let’s get to the headlines. On the Libertarian side, Max Abramson has announced his candidacy for the Libertarian nomination. With Abramson, … Continue reading Third Party Politics, 7-10-2019

2019-2020 Gubernatorial Election Predictions, 6-27-2019 to 7-3-2019

This week, like the senatorial updates, had a significant number of developments. What was interesting about this week, however, was the variety of information that was published. To say that this week wasn’t bizarre leading into July 4th would be a discredit to how out there it was. Also, the next The House Always Wins update will be published after the July 9th runoff for NC-03 Republicans. With that out of the way, here are this week’s highlights: 1.) Governing Less so a specific state or race, but more a recognition of trends, Governing published an article showing that Republicans … Continue reading 2019-2020 Gubernatorial Election Predictions, 6-27-2019 to 7-3-2019

The House Always Wins, 5-16-2019 to 5-22-2019

With the first major special election of 2019 concluded, there are a few updates that happened over the past week. In addition, there was a story from April by the News and Observer published relating to NC-03. While it doesn’t shake up the reliably Republican race in a significant way, there are potential topics that could come up relating to the 2020 gubernatorial race in North Carolina. Here’s how the table stands: 1.) Pennsylvania 12th Congressional District Special Election Considering Republican misfortune in Pennsylvania after the past two years, the retaining of PA-12 is likely a bright spot for the … Continue reading The House Always Wins, 5-16-2019 to 5-22-2019

An Update On The Green and Libertarian Primaries, 3-30-2019

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update on the Libertarians and the Greens for 2020, and I thought it would be worthwhile to give an update on the progression of those primaries. A new set of polling information from Third Party Watch has Adam Kokesh and the prospective candidate Sam Seder running in the top two spots nationally for the Libertarian Nomination. Seder leads Kokesh 43% to 34%, with John McAfee at 21%. Vermin Supreme and Arvin Vohra make up the last 2%. Of those top two, I strongly believe that Kokesh would eventually win, given that his … Continue reading An Update On The Green and Libertarian Primaries, 3-30-2019